New series 2watch out4

imageA number of students requested some new ‘choose your own adventure’ stories. These are a few new titles going into the library this term. You’ll find them on the ‘I’ shelf in our Fiction area. Let me know what you think.



Geronimo Stilton fans will love these new titles. If you haven’t read any before why not give them a try. Look for them on the ‘S’ shelf in the Fiction area.



imageThis series is new to our library. It’s written by Meredith Badger so you’ll find these books on the ‘B’ shelf in the Fiction area. I’d love someone to read one and review it for us.






7 thoughts on “New series 2watch out4

  1. Hey Mrs Riding. I was wondering if you could get some more Young Sherlock books please, because over the past few weeks I’ve really enjoyed reading them.

  2. Hi Ms Riding
    I was just wondering if you could have a look at Rugby League Reads as I’m wondering when the library will have it in stock as there are other series that the library does have. Thanks

        • Hi Jack, I’ve been in touch with the NRL who have taken over the publishing of this magazine from Macmillan. They are behind schedule getting the first issue out but have us on the email list so as soon as its available, we’ll have it. Looks like only one issue this year and back to two from next year.

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