World Read Aloud Day (WRAD)

On Thursday the 16th of February Tenambit Public School will join millions of people from all over the world who will be celebrating World Read Aloud Day.

Every year World Read Aloud Day calls global attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories. World Read Aloud Day motivates children, teens, and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words and creates a community of readers advocating for every child’s right to a safe education and access to books and technology. It is about taking action to show the world that the right to read and write belongs to all people.

Why don’t you join us too by reading aloud and sharing a story or two?

Please leave a comment and let me know who you read to.

One thought on “World Read Aloud Day (WRAD)

  1. Hello Miss Riding I really enjoyed read aloud day this year. I also read to my cat and rabbit. I think they liked the story.

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