If quirky facts are more your thing…

They say that truth is stranger than fiction… but can you tell the difference?

  • Laszlo Biro who invented the ballpoint pen also worked as a sculptor and a hypnotist.
  • Stephen Taylor from the UK is the owner of the longest tongue ever measured at 9.8cm.
  • Mrs Riding once worked for NASA and traveled to the moon and back in 2006.
  • Both Puma and Adidas claim to be the inventors of football boot studs. It’s interesting that the founders of each company are brothers- Rudolf and Adolf Dassler.

Most stories in these books like the statements above are true, but some are tall tales. Will you be able to spot the difference?

Each book contains over 200 stories about weird and wonderful things.

This is another new series you may want to look for in our library.