He’s back!












Yes everyone’s favourite pug is back again and ready to get into the spirit of Christmas. We all know that Christmas is a time for giving and sharing. Does that sound like Pig? This is another laugh out loud story from one of my favourite Australian storytellers, Aaron Blabey. Look out for it on our library shelves.

Which is your favourite Pig story?

Pig is back!



I spent time today searching for a few books that have been requested by our students, ‘train books’ for Liam, Mission 2 of Kitten Kaboodle¬†for Jasmine, more ‘Choose your own adventures’ for a number of stage 3 boys, skate and scooter books (having trouble here)… My search took me from Dymocks at Charlestown, to Harry Hartog at Kotara where I discovered the next instalment from the master Aaron Blabey, Pig the Winner.

I fell in love with Pig the first time I met him. He’s greedy, he’s selfish, he’s a fibber, and he hasn’t learnt his lesson. In this instalment our loveable pug will do whatever it takes to win. Lucky Trevor is there to help when things get a bit grim. I can’t wait to share this with you.