WARNING! Do NOT try this at home.

Most students in Stage 3 will know that I’m addicted to TED. Last year when we were investigating ways to live more sustainably I shared talks by Ron Finlay who plants food forests in unused lots, medium strips and  footpaths in South Central LA, and by urban designer Mitchell Joachim who showed us how we could potentially grow our own houses using the ancient technique of pleaching or grafting trees together.  My morning routine usually involves a Ted Talk with breakfast.

Last week I watched a fascinating talk by artist Brian Dettmer who digs into a good book (literally, with a knife) to create beautifully intricate forms that reflect how we see old information in a modern world. His sculptures are simply amazing! When discussing the book he commented that… “The book was never the right format for non linear information, which is why we’re seeing reference books becoming the first to be endangered or extinct… People think that now that we have digital technology, the book is going to die, and we are seeing things shifting and things evolving. I think that the book will evolve, and just like people said painting would die when photography and printmaking became everyday material… most of our information, most of our personal and cultural records are in digital form, I think it’s really allowing the book to become something new. ”


Interesting! Personally I couldn’t bear the thought of a world without books. There is something very special about the look, the smell, and the turning of a page that for me can’t be replaced with pixels on a screen.

book sculpture 156-205973-salazar-createbook sculpture 2

What do you think is the future of the book? Can you imagine a time when the book will no longer exist? I’d love to hear what you think.

15 thoughts on “WARNING! Do NOT try this at home.

  1. I think books will stay for years to come because devices aren’t very good for your eyes plus everyone loves the feel of a book and turning the pages 🙂

    • I read this series for the first time during the holidays Ben. I can see why you enjoy it. Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton are certainly a very creative pair with wonderful imaginations. I love the idea of having your very own anti gravity chamber and a disco with light up dance floor. I wonder what’s in store in the 75-storey treehouse? We’ll just have to wait and see.

      If you haven’t read Anh Do’s Weirdo series maybe you would enjoy these too. I’ve read and enjoyed Weirdo and Weirdo 2 Even Weirder! They’re pretty funny. Weirdo 3 Extra Weird! is in my reading room at the moment. Maybe this weekend.

  2. My favourite book at the moment Is a series called Friday Barnes. I got it for Christmas and really enjoy it.😄

    • I haven’t heard of this series Chloe. Why don’t you submit a review? I’d love to know what it’s about and why you’re enjoying it. I just finished reading a book called The Four-Fingered Man by Cerberus Jones. It’s the first book in a new series called The Gateway. The main character Amelia and her family move from a small flat in the city to reopen a creepy, old, rundown hotel high on a cliff in the small town of Forgotten Bay. It has some surprise twists. I’ll definitely be reading the second one when it comes out.

  3. Books are expensive and they are fun to read. A lot of people love reading like me and Sonor. Tia is right.

  4. I Love books. I love books more than stars in the sky. Even though Mrs Riding your not my mum Happy Mothers Day.

  5. I love books even though I read books on my iPad sometimes, its better on paper and I love hopping into bed with a good book and reading until midnight but I would never do this to books old or not. Books are precious but this is cool.

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