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My favourite books to read are the EJ12 Girl Hero series by Susan McFarlane.

Well Emma Jacks is a normal school girl but she is also a spy agent, EJ12 of SHINE a secret agency. SHINE is good as Shadow is bad.

The best EJ12 I’ve read is called Big Brother. In this book EJ12 and her friend Hannah, HJ12, ride a horse to save another horse from the evil agency Shadow. They save it by brushing off all of the metalic bugs that explode and taking it back to the horse training area.

I like EJ12 because I like her moves, charms and because she is a spy.

2 thoughts on “Andrew’s Book Review

  1. Andrew,
    Good book review, but you could of added a lot of detail about the metalic bugs. They weren’t just brushed off they were disabled so they wouldn’t explode.

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