Jasmine’s Book Review


Grandad’s Gifts by Paul Jennings and Peter Gouldthorpe

I think this book is really good. It is about a boy who finds a fox in a cupboard even though he was told not to look. He feeds it lemons from a tree where the foxes remains were hidden after his grandad shot it. One night the fox magically comes to life and has the eyes of the boy’s grandad.

I would recommend this to people who like mysterious, fiction books.

Let’s learn something new!

Are you up for a challenge? I know that learning new signs is something we do every week at Tenambit School thanks to Sarah, but this week let’s surprise her by learning some signs of our own.


Follow the link above to take you to the Auslan Sign Bank. Just type a word in the Search box (click on Sign Search or just press Enter on your keyboard). You will then be taken to the sign (or signs) that are linked to that word.

When you learn a new sign, share it with your teachers and friends. Let’s learn together. I hope to see lots of signing in the playground this week.

A big shout out to my friend Luke King who appears in the video above. X

The Sensational Seven!


These sensational, super star, students are the first at our school to successfully complete the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2015. I’m very proud of each of them. Well done! There’s still a little over 8 weeks to go. Keep reading everyone and most importantly, don’t forget to record your books on the PRC website.
Reading is Cool@Tenambit School.