Clever Kinders


Books make me happy because they are interesting. I like reading with my dad. Callan G. KB


I love books. I love to read lots of books to practice getting better. I read books with my daddy and mummy. My favourite book is Ivy and Bean because it has a lot of chapters. Sometimes I can read by myself. Books are fantastic.
By Sienna C. KW


I like reading word books. I like word books because I like words. I like reading books because it is fun. By Zac M. KM


Books light up my world because they are amazing. They have interesting words and pictures, you can go to the library and not pay.
By Zac F KW


I like to read at nightime. It’s the best. By Elizabeth F. KM


I like reading because I love learning. By Isacc A. K-6D


I like fairy books. I like unicorn and mermaid books. By Claire B. KB

Year One Wonders

Watch out Aaron Blabey. Tenambit has talent!

Jasmine B. 1R

Bethany O’C 1J


I crept into the library. A book fell off the shelf. I opened the book. It had magical characters in the book. I said to myself, “This is way past my bedtime!”, but I just had to keep reading. There was a candy castle. I had to creep past the guards. I knocked them out. I went inside and found a white candy crown with white chocolate on the top. I just had to steal it! The candy guard chased me…
By Alexander B. 1J
The Hot Book
I ran into an open land. A huge spider was chasing me.
I said, “There the magic spell book is! Near the hot lava.”
Once I got to the magic book with spells, I entered into Candy Land. I was in a castle. I was the king of all the people there. If they’re scared they explode.
You’re not allowed to eat the candy people.
By Jayden D

Year 2 Talent

Central Australia by Jasmin H. 2G

“Wow!” I said. “I can’t believe how much driving we have to do. Look at the view. It looks like a lake of yellow water. It looks so beautiful all the yellow flowers. Look at all the red sand and there’s so much of it. Oh my gosh it looks so big. It is SO BIG!!! I can’t wait to go to the caravan park. Look there’s a pool and a playground. But first we need to set up before we can play. Yay! This is fun but we can only play for a while and then we have to help with dinner and then we have to go to bed.” The next morning we have to get breakfast, get dressed and pack up and move on.

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids by James E 2M

“Boing!” Justin fell onto the pyramid. “What? It’s bouncy?” Justin flew into the air. “I got him.” Mum said. But she didn’t catch him, another guy did. “The pyramid had been stolen! What a disaster. So many people had travelled to Egypt to see them and they are missing.”

Everyone on the tour became angry and a huge brawl broke out. The police could not even calm it down. Just as the people began to leave a huge sand storm hit and people were getting buried alive. All of a sudden people stopped fighting and worked together to help their fellow travellers.

As sunset the police congratulated everyone on the tour for seeing that life is more important than pyramids.

Camping Trip by Geny Li 2G

Yay! We are going to camp somewhere far away from home. Broom, broom! We are going now. Woohoo! Hahahaha! My mum sang a funny song. Ha! Piiiip! Aaaaah! We almost crashed mum. Good thing that we’re alright.

Crash! Ouch! We crashed into a tree. My mum and dad will fix the car. Yah! The car is fixed. Let’s go inside the car. Hmmm! I’m bored. I will just have a nap. (Snore, snore, snore.)

Ahhhh! I’m awake. Hhhhaaa! Look at the river. It’s deep. It’s long, very long. Wow! We almost fell into the water. Yay! We are here. Woohoo! Let’s make a tent. My brother and I will help make the tent Ok.

Oh! My grandma and granddad live here. Let’s go to their place. We found their home. Let’s knock at the door. Knock, knock, knock. No one answered. Hmmm! Let’s knock again. No one answered. Mmm! Maybe they’re not home. That’s Ok. Let’s go there another time.

Oh! It’s almost dark. Let’s go to our tent. Come on Geny, come on Ezra. Let’s pick up sticks for our campfire. Yay! Let’s go. We found sticks. OK, let’s make a fire to heat up. Oohha! I’m sleepy. Let’s go to bed. (Snore, snore, snore.) Cock-a-doodle-doo! It’s morning. Prprprpr! I’m cold mum.

The Pyramids by Hali H 2M

“Hey Honey! Take a picture of me holding the pyramids in my hand.” The man stood posing for photos as the little boy Justin ran for the pyramids, an area that was forbidden. On the news the man said that the pyramids of Egypt had been stolen. Someone in the town had stolen the real pyramid and replaced it with a fake one.

What a disaster the pyramids are fake. Camera news crews were gathering around to snap shots of this unbelievable event. The people on the pyramid tour knew of the little boy Justin because he always did the wrong thing but this time he helped people find the truth. The police started the intense investigation but had no definite leads. One lead found them interrogating a statue.



Sensational Stage 2 Writing

A Magical Place by Hannah E. 3E
“Mum, can I please get this book?”
“Of course darling, I’m pleased to see you’re really getting into your education!”
-Ten minutes later-
“I can’t wait til tomorrow!”
‘Sweetie can you please go hop into your pyjamas and I’ll come tuck you in.”
“Okay mum, but can I read my book for a little bit?”
“Yeah okay, only five minutes because you’ve got to go to school tomorrow.”
“Oh yeah.”
So I went to hop in bed. I got in and turned on my beautiful lamp the on with little crystals dangling down, I got it for my fifth birthday!
Mum came in and kissed me goodnight as I fell asleep not being able to read the first word on my book.
-3:05 midnight Monday 12th February-
“Mu- mum?”
“Did you turn my lamp off?”
“Oh my lamp is off, but where’s that light coming from?”
“Oh phew it’s just my book, WAIT MY BOOK????????”
“ I don’t remember my book saying it can be a personal torch!”
I started to freak out and tried not to scream but it just came out.
I couldn’t help it.
I ran over to it to try make it stop but it wouldn’t so I got it and tried to throw it in my bin but something was holding me back. It was stuck to my hand like ULTRA SUPER GLUE!!!!!
It sucked me in and I was transported me to this place, a magical place. It was beautiful but scary. I was so scared then suddenly I was knocked out with something that seemed like a big rock and taken away by something or someone. My eyes were too blurry to see who it was.
-after some time-
“Ouch!” “why in the world does my head hurt!”
I started to hear creepy laughing.

A Magical Place By Jasmine P. 3P
“Ting, ting, ting”. The book staircase said as I entered the large book.

I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Up ahead, a huge stone building lay on the green grass.

I ran up the wooded books until I was up at the last step. As I rang the doorbell I could feel the ground moving under me. Suddenly I fell down and down and down until I landed with a thud on the cold brick ground. Bees started circling me and the world was spinning round and round and round. Suddenly a rough rope fell down. I climbed to the top to thank the stranger but all I saw was a cloud shaped tail as he disappeared into the light.

By Jasmine P

 NOT AGAIN By Banjo L. 4S

Ohhh no, the lights are turning on.. Please don’t open the door. No, no, no.. Oh god, she’s twisting the door knob. Creeeeaaaaaak. Oh god, the door is open now, just hope that it doesn’t close. It’ll shake me off and the bang hurts my cover. BANG! AHHHHHHH!!!! DOINK…. Oww, I hate falling off the bookshelf, the carpet feels rough and smells like old people. Now I’ve got fluff in my pages! This can’t get any worse…..

Nope, spoke too soon. Oww, don’t grab me. Ahhhhh I’m afraid of heights, put me down! And don’t even think about opening me! The last person that tried to open me was that Dorothy girl, man that girl has weird dreams. A fairy that gives you shoes? And a lion that talks? Seriously. And don’t even get me started on the scarecrow guy! If he didn’t have a brain he wouldn’t be able to walk or talk.

Here we go.. SQUEEZE. Oww. FLICK! Owwww, it hurts when people are rough with my pages. Oh no, not this page! Here we go again… I’m growing bigger and bigger, fatter and fatter. Wow, I can see my bookshelf from here. Hey!! Don’t look inside there girl, it holds private memories! You, you, you… wait, Little Red Riding Hood? Great, another fairy tale character. Hey watch it, you ripped my page! I’ve spent months cleaning them. All that time with brushes sweeping, cloths wiping and dusters dusting, all to waste.

Hands off me girl! You’ll regret being so nosey. Uh oh, well that’s what you get! Now you’re stuck in that world with monsters and spiders. There’s only one way to get out- through the bookmark. Why oh why it hurts me when people go through my pages. But it’s the only way. Here we go… SQUEEZE. POP!!! AHHHHHHH! I’m shrinking back to my normal size and floating up to my shelf. I should do this more often, it’s kind of fun. So it’s back to normal life on the bookshelf cleaning my pages.

A Magical Place By Emily F. 4C

Bam! Crash! I hit the cold, rough ground. “Huh? Where am I? Am I dreaming?” I slowly get up and look around. I look up ahead of me. I see several book stairs. A shiver of regret strikes my back as I take baby steps up the books. I start to run as I feel them vibrating. It is a trap! Books dissolve and join the dark mist. My heart races as I speed up. I can see something ahead of me. The book of doom shack.

“Ah!” I trip. I slowly turn around. A black figure races towards me. I start to panic. I realise that I am in a book. I wrote it. That’s why it’s so familiar. Slowly and carefully I get up and sprint for my life. The book of doom shack gets closer and closer.

I open the door in relief. “Ah! My eyes!!!” The light shines so bright. I turn around in fear. I stop and think. “How did I escape when I wrote this? Gasp!” I remember. I use the light source to teleport me back.

I run towards the brightness pushing through the pain. It isn’t working! I turn around. “Ahhh! Huh?”

“Hello. Emily.”

“Ahhh!” I blink once and I am back in my trusty bed.

Creative writing – Stage 3

The Surreal Book by Lavinia E. 5M

The surreal book is finally in my sight! I am astonished by my findings as I contain it. Before I reach to open the book it suddenly plonks itself out of my palms. It lands with a huge and extremely loud BANG on the table beside me. Curiously I wonder what it is doing as the book started flicking through the pages. It reveals a story of a beautiful teenager who isn’t the modern girl you would have in your neighbourhood. She is a stalker of her mother, dared to pay back revenge, as the teenager’s mother always ignored her. She was warned of great danger to be prepared to act.

Then I sight a familiar face that had been locked up in my mind. I could have sworn I had seen that face before. Oh wait. Oh no! That intelligent and fabulously gorgeous girl is me. Unfortunately the book erased the happenings and a mythical hand appeared from the book and pointed at the door as I heard gigantic footsteps across the floorboards. I feared the great danger that the book warned me of. But who would do this to me and why? My brain was blank and my mind emerged. I didn’t know what to do. The door creaked open as I gasped in fright whilst hiding myself under a computer desk. The lights turned on as the person revealed themselves to be a friend Chelsea. I only recognised her by seeing her extremely tiny feet inside glittery pink Justin Bieber shoes. I sigh in relief as Chelsea tells me that someone has been looking for me. “Who is it?” I say. She says she has no idea and also tells me that he is bribing people money for me dead or alive. Wait a minute, DEAD OR ALIVE??? WHAT!!! This is crazy. This is crazy. This dude is insane. He wants ME DEAD OR ALIVE? “We’ve got to go!” I say in fear. “It’s because of this book isn’t it?” says Chelsea. Wait that’s why this weirdo is trying to look for me! Because of this book!

My friend Chelsea and I zoom out of the library, out of the school, and into Chelsea’s house. All the lights dim to almost off, making my eyes ignite with the darkness. I open the book and it glows the colour white as the doors of the house lock, the windows do the same. Then Chelsea and I jump in fear as the curious money bribing man knocks down the door in front of me. “Um, I think we’re going to need some insurance for that!” The man glares at me and snatches the book from me. Suddenly the man is burnt to ashes and the horror is over. Chelsea’s dad comes in and says, “What in Jesus life happened here?”

The end…… is just the beginning.


The Rainbow’s Light by Alannah T 6G

Alannah was only five years old when her mother showed her a glistening light. It was called a rainbow. Alannah was amazed at what she saw, so she asked her mother, “Can I keep it? Please?”

“Sorry darling, but that’s not possible. Maybe you might see it again some time,” her mother said softly.

Alannah was eight years old when she saw her next shining rainbow, and she still loved the experience of seeing the glimmering colours high in the sky. Alannah stared at the rainbow and took photos until it faded, far away into the distance. Her mum loved seeing her darling angel enjoying the rainbows, because her little face lit up with sweet delight.

One night, Alannah lay awake, fearing there was a dark rainbow under her bed. “Darling, why do you think that?” asked her mother, sounding very concerned.

“Because mum, I don’t see any shining rainbows anymore and now there is always darkness in the sky. Mum, when the rainbows are in the sky, the whole sky lights up and it looks beautiful, but when the sky is empty, all I see is darkness and it is very scary,” answered Alannah with a tear in her eye. Her mother knew that it was time to have a little chat with her darling daughter, so she invited Alannah to sit up at the table and listen to her steady words.

“Alannah, sweetie, I’m sorry, but I should have told you this years ago. You won’t always see a rainbow in the sky, because rainbows need rest. They get very tired and then they sleep for as long as they can. When they wake up, they are refreshed and they will shine their bright, colourful lights.”
Alannah was silent. Her mother spoke. “So, darling, what do you think?”

Alannah answered “Thanks mum for telling me all about rainbows. I think I understand now…. When rainbows are tired, they go to sleep and when they are awake, they shine their brightest, most colourful light. Is that right mum?” Alannah’s face had a cheeky smirk.

Four years later, Alannah was now twelve years old and she loved seeing wonderful rainbows. “Mum, I just want to thank you for showing me rainbows, and no matter what, I will never stop loving you. I will always love rainbows too – even when I’m old, I will still love them,” cried Alannah.

“Alannah, my wonderful angel, you’re welcome. If you ever need me or want to talk about anything, I’m right here for you. No matter what, I will always love you,” said Alannah’s mother softly, with a tear in her eye. Alannah’s mother wrapped her arms around her daughter and whispered “I will never let you go.”

This is all I need By Emily C. 5/6B

“Ella. Scrub the toilet, wash the windows, get me a drink!”

This isn’t the life anyone would want. Being an orphan but getting treated like a slave. As the clock struck three I carefully sneak out the window. “Ouch!” But it didn’t go to plan. I hit my head on the window.

“Ellaa” Miss Bitter got all up in my grill!!! It’s a hard knock life.

I always sneak out of the orphanage at exactly 3 o’clock. I go down to the library to borrow books so I can teach myself how to read. But I’m an orphan with no friends. I read in an old alleyway. As I run into the alleyway I sit upon a wooden stool. “Wow this girl Annie. She’s just like… me. I guess it’s true. Books really do light up our world”. I had a massive grin on my face hoping that one day a family will adopt me. “OMG its 4 o’clock already, I’m gonna be late for dinner! “Gasp!

“An orphan hey, don’t get your hopes up. No family will EVER adopt you! And Annie, the book Annie, now run along kid, you shouldn’t be in here.”

As I ran home crying I dropped the only book that gave me hope. I wiped the tears from my cheek. As I stumbled home not worrying about dinner I wondered if what the man said was true. As the night got cold so many thoughts crossed my mind. “Maybe I don’t need a family to make me happy. Maybe I just need books.” I wondered if books are all I need.

“Ella, Take out the garbage, girls scrub the floor.”

All I ever wonder is why she treats us like slaves. Giggling we all crowd Miss Bitter while we we’re scrubbing the floor.

“Ahhhhh! Little girls. Everywhere I go I see them.”

Then I remembered… the book. I forgot about the book! As I got to the alleyway the book wasn’t on the ground where I dropped it. Did someone take it? I looked around but I couldn’t find it. As I turned to go home there it was on the rusty old stool. Yep. I finally made the decision. All I need in my life is books. Books definitely light up our WORLD!

 The Forest Charm By Skye 6G

Annie woke up to the whispering sound of the gentle drops of the rain dripping from the window seal. The moon had fallen at the sight of day glaring through the thin glass of the window reaching out to her. Annie jumped out of bed reaching for her lucky charm that glistened like a beam of light shot from the centre of the window. The lasting light sparkled as she cupped her hand picking the charm up from her bedside table. Annie knew it was a sign but she didn’t know just yet. She hurried to her closet with no time to spare. She needed to go to school and then she would figure out the mystery of the glowing charm. Annie skipped breakfast before forgetting her lunch and saying goodbye to her mum.

Annie was a sweet and helpful young child who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Annie had beautiful, luscious, blonde locks, ruby red cheeks and a gorgeous smile, but never expected any attention. She had a younger brother and two young baby twin sisters that needed dozens of attention.

The big yellow and blue school bus pulled up two small buildings down from Annie’s house. Annie ran anxiously to get the bus before it drove away. She stepped onto the platform in the bus searching the aisles for a seat. The cranky bus driver yelled out to hurry up, find a seat and sit down. Annie’s friend Charlie was waiting at the back of the bus for Annie saving her usual seat. Annie and Charlie had been friends since kindergarten and they go together like two peas in a pod.

The lights in the bus began to flicker faster and faster switching off into pitch black darkness. The children scream and the infant children wail as an eeriness rose over the old worn out bus. The bus choked back to life. The lights became solid once more as they carried on with their journey to school. The children cheered, wiping the wet tears from their damp faces.

Annie viciously searched her bag for the lucky charm she had quickly put in her bag before leaving for the bus. Annie dug her hand through her bag feeling around for the charm. Charlie asked Annie if she had forgotten it. But Annie assured him she hadn’t.

Annie’s charm was found by her father deep in a forest washed up on a pebbled creek bed. The charm was purple and shaped like a heart with a fragile, silver chain. “Ahhh found it” cried Annie with joy. She flipped her hair carefully putting on the charm necklace.

The bus wildly pulled up out the front of Charlie and Annie’s school. The school bell rang and the children rushed off to class. Annie’s charm fell off tumbling onto the busy road. Annie stepped onto the road not paying attention to cars coming past. She leant down to pick up the forest charm lying upon the rough tar, oblivious to her surroundings. She snatched up the charm, she looked up, her stomach sank, her heart fluttered and in that split second a car was upon her. The driver spotted Annie and hit the brakes, but it was too late. The car had hit Annie flinging her through the air SPLAT onto the road. A white light engulfed Annie drawing her in.

Let the celebrations begin!

Book Week celebrations began last Friday with the announcement of the Book of the Year award winners. Each year I wait anxiously for midday to tick over so that I can log onto the CBCA website to check out the winners. I can only imagine what a thrill the announcement must be for the authors and illustrators involved.

My Two BlanketsThe Cleo StoriesGo to Sleep JessieA-Z of Convicts

Students at Tenambit School have also been busy writing stories and illustrating posters and book covers for our annual book week competitions. Over the past few days I have read a selection of stories from Stage 2. Wow! The diversity and creativity demonstrated by our super students has left me speechless. I can’t wait to share them with you after the winners have been announced at the conclusion of our book parade on Thursday. Watch this space!


‘Books light up our world’


Book Week is just around the corner. This year the theme is ‘Books light up our world.’ It’s so true isn’t it? Books light up our world in so many different ways. A great book brings the world to life for us, enabling us to travel to far away places without ever leaving our homes. We can enter fantasy worlds and be princesses or dragon slayers, swim with whales in the moonlight, time travel back to days of old, or venture into mysterious deep space and perhaps encounter an alien. Reading allows us to live the life of someone else, experience their emotions, which in turn help us to grow as human beings. Books empower us, entertain us, educate us and bring us closer to others.

Book Week is a time to celebrate Australia’s best authors and illustrators. It’s also the time we recognise Tenambit’s most talented and creative authors and illustrators in our annual writing and art competitions. I hope you’re working hard on your entries.

I’m getting excited! At 12 noon on Friday the 21st of August the wait will finally be over when the winners of the short list are announced. With book fair, musical and dance performances to look forward to, dressing up for the parade, Tenambit’s competition winners revealed… I can hardly wait. What’s your favourite part of Book Week?


In defence of “Once upon a time…”

With the focus on ‘sizzling starts’ and ‘banning the boring’ I feel the need to stand up for “Once upon a time…” Four words. I don’t need to say anything more, and yet you know at once what you’re about to hear. A fairy tale. Fantasy and make-believe, princes, princesses, magic kingdoms and happily ever afters. Where would we be without them? It was something I grew up with. Fairytales have a strong moral lesson, a fight between good & evil, love and loss. Fairy tales help to teach us right from wrong. I have fond memories of curling up in bed and disappearing into another world where paupers could become princesses, ugly ducklings could become beautiful swans, and the wicked witch or ugly stepmother never triumphed. I believe the Seven Steps program is wonderful but I think that there will always be a place for “Once upon a time…” What do you think?

2g big group books2g group James to Max 6

2G certainly look like they enjoyed their unit on fairytales. Do you have a favourite fairytale?


Can you guess the title of one my oldest books by reading the first page?