Jazabel’s Book Review


Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell

Dork Diaries is a book series that recently had a new book come out (Dork Diaries drama queen). It’s my fav book series and I have every book. The new book Drama Queen is about Nikki (the main charater) losing her diary. She thinks she has lost it but her arch enemy Mackenzie steals it!

I love it and think its a great book.

9 thoughts on “Jazabel’s Book Review

  1. Good news Jazabel. I bought this book when I went shopping over the weekend so it should hit the library shelves in the next week or so. It certainly is a popular series.

  2. I have the whole collection! I love these books they are amazing! But some people think that the are below my age level and that I read them too quick! But I think I am just a fast reader.

  3. I don’t think it really matters what other people think Jazabel. As long as you are enjoying what you’re reading that’s all that matters. I absolutely LOVE children’s books!

  4. I am sooo excited about the new one coming out! Its called puppy love! I think its called puppy love! Its something about puppys or animals!

    • It is called Puppy Love Jazabel. I’ll try and get a copy during the holidays as well as fill in the gaps with the ones we don’t have.
      PS Went shopping and filled a few gaps but Puppy Love doesn’t come out til the end of October.

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