Clever Kinders


Books make me happy because they are interesting. I like reading with my dad. Callan G. KB


I love books. I love to read lots of books to practice getting better. I read books with my daddy and mummy. My favourite book is Ivy and Bean because it has a lot of chapters. Sometimes I can read by myself. Books are fantastic.
By Sienna C. KW


I like reading word books. I like word books because I like words. I like reading books because it is fun. By Zac M. KM


Books light up my world because they are amazing. They have interesting words and pictures, you can go to the library and not pay.
By Zac F KW


I like to read at nightime. It’s the best. By Elizabeth F. KM


I like reading because I love learning. By Isacc A. K-6D


I like fairy books. I like unicorn and mermaid books. By Claire B. KB

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