Sensational Stage 2 Writing

A Magical Place by Hannah E. 3E
“Mum, can I please get this book?”
“Of course darling, I’m pleased to see you’re really getting into your education!”
-Ten minutes later-
“I can’t wait til tomorrow!”
‘Sweetie can you please go hop into your pyjamas and I’ll come tuck you in.”
“Okay mum, but can I read my book for a little bit?”
“Yeah okay, only five minutes because you’ve got to go to school tomorrow.”
“Oh yeah.”
So I went to hop in bed. I got in and turned on my beautiful lamp the on with little crystals dangling down, I got it for my fifth birthday!
Mum came in and kissed me goodnight as I fell asleep not being able to read the first word on my book.
-3:05 midnight Monday 12th February-
“Mu- mum?”
“Did you turn my lamp off?”
“Oh my lamp is off, but where’s that light coming from?”
“Oh phew it’s just my book, WAIT MY BOOK????????”
“ I don’t remember my book saying it can be a personal torch!”
I started to freak out and tried not to scream but it just came out.
I couldn’t help it.
I ran over to it to try make it stop but it wouldn’t so I got it and tried to throw it in my bin but something was holding me back. It was stuck to my hand like ULTRA SUPER GLUE!!!!!
It sucked me in and I was transported me to this place, a magical place. It was beautiful but scary. I was so scared then suddenly I was knocked out with something that seemed like a big rock and taken away by something or someone. My eyes were too blurry to see who it was.
-after some time-
“Ouch!” “why in the world does my head hurt!”
I started to hear creepy laughing.

A Magical Place By Jasmine P. 3P
“Ting, ting, ting”. The book staircase said as I entered the large book.

I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Up ahead, a huge stone building lay on the green grass.

I ran up the wooded books until I was up at the last step. As I rang the doorbell I could feel the ground moving under me. Suddenly I fell down and down and down until I landed with a thud on the cold brick ground. Bees started circling me and the world was spinning round and round and round. Suddenly a rough rope fell down. I climbed to the top to thank the stranger but all I saw was a cloud shaped tail as he disappeared into the light.

By Jasmine P

 NOT AGAIN By Banjo L. 4S

Ohhh no, the lights are turning on.. Please don’t open the door. No, no, no.. Oh god, she’s twisting the door knob. Creeeeaaaaaak. Oh god, the door is open now, just hope that it doesn’t close. It’ll shake me off and the bang hurts my cover. BANG! AHHHHHHH!!!! DOINK…. Oww, I hate falling off the bookshelf, the carpet feels rough and smells like old people. Now I’ve got fluff in my pages! This can’t get any worse…..

Nope, spoke too soon. Oww, don’t grab me. Ahhhhh I’m afraid of heights, put me down! And don’t even think about opening me! The last person that tried to open me was that Dorothy girl, man that girl has weird dreams. A fairy that gives you shoes? And a lion that talks? Seriously. And don’t even get me started on the scarecrow guy! If he didn’t have a brain he wouldn’t be able to walk or talk.

Here we go.. SQUEEZE. Oww. FLICK! Owwww, it hurts when people are rough with my pages. Oh no, not this page! Here we go again… I’m growing bigger and bigger, fatter and fatter. Wow, I can see my bookshelf from here. Hey!! Don’t look inside there girl, it holds private memories! You, you, you… wait, Little Red Riding Hood? Great, another fairy tale character. Hey watch it, you ripped my page! I’ve spent months cleaning them. All that time with brushes sweeping, cloths wiping and dusters dusting, all to waste.

Hands off me girl! You’ll regret being so nosey. Uh oh, well that’s what you get! Now you’re stuck in that world with monsters and spiders. There’s only one way to get out- through the bookmark. Why oh why it hurts me when people go through my pages. But it’s the only way. Here we go… SQUEEZE. POP!!! AHHHHHHH! I’m shrinking back to my normal size and floating up to my shelf. I should do this more often, it’s kind of fun. So it’s back to normal life on the bookshelf cleaning my pages.

A Magical Place By Emily F. 4C

Bam! Crash! I hit the cold, rough ground. “Huh? Where am I? Am I dreaming?” I slowly get up and look around. I look up ahead of me. I see several book stairs. A shiver of regret strikes my back as I take baby steps up the books. I start to run as I feel them vibrating. It is a trap! Books dissolve and join the dark mist. My heart races as I speed up. I can see something ahead of me. The book of doom shack.

“Ah!” I trip. I slowly turn around. A black figure races towards me. I start to panic. I realise that I am in a book. I wrote it. That’s why it’s so familiar. Slowly and carefully I get up and sprint for my life. The book of doom shack gets closer and closer.

I open the door in relief. “Ah! My eyes!!!” The light shines so bright. I turn around in fear. I stop and think. “How did I escape when I wrote this? Gasp!” I remember. I use the light source to teleport me back.

I run towards the brightness pushing through the pain. It isn’t working! I turn around. “Ahhh! Huh?”

“Hello. Emily.”

“Ahhh!” I blink once and I am back in my trusty bed.

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  1. Wow these are AMAZING!!!!!! I know that he is my brother and all but Banjo`s I didn`t know he could write like that! But in a good way not a bad way!

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