Year 2 Talent

Central Australia by Jasmin H. 2G

“Wow!” I said. “I can’t believe how much driving we have to do. Look at the view. It looks like a lake of yellow water. It looks so beautiful all the yellow flowers. Look at all the red sand and there’s so much of it. Oh my gosh it looks so big. It is SO BIG!!! I can’t wait to go to the caravan park. Look there’s a pool and a playground. But first we need to set up before we can play. Yay! This is fun but we can only play for a while and then we have to help with dinner and then we have to go to bed.” The next morning we have to get breakfast, get dressed and pack up and move on.

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids by James E 2M

“Boing!” Justin fell onto the pyramid. “What? It’s bouncy?” Justin flew into the air. “I got him.” Mum said. But she didn’t catch him, another guy did. “The pyramid had been stolen! What a disaster. So many people had travelled to Egypt to see them and they are missing.”

Everyone on the tour became angry and a huge brawl broke out. The police could not even calm it down. Just as the people began to leave a huge sand storm hit and people were getting buried alive. All of a sudden people stopped fighting and worked together to help their fellow travellers.

As sunset the police congratulated everyone on the tour for seeing that life is more important than pyramids.

Camping Trip by Geny Li 2G

Yay! We are going to camp somewhere far away from home. Broom, broom! We are going now. Woohoo! Hahahaha! My mum sang a funny song. Ha! Piiiip! Aaaaah! We almost crashed mum. Good thing that we’re alright.

Crash! Ouch! We crashed into a tree. My mum and dad will fix the car. Yah! The car is fixed. Let’s go inside the car. Hmmm! I’m bored. I will just have a nap. (Snore, snore, snore.)

Ahhhh! I’m awake. Hhhhaaa! Look at the river. It’s deep. It’s long, very long. Wow! We almost fell into the water. Yay! We are here. Woohoo! Let’s make a tent. My brother and I will help make the tent Ok.

Oh! My grandma and granddad live here. Let’s go to their place. We found their home. Let’s knock at the door. Knock, knock, knock. No one answered. Hmmm! Let’s knock again. No one answered. Mmm! Maybe they’re not home. That’s Ok. Let’s go there another time.

Oh! It’s almost dark. Let’s go to our tent. Come on Geny, come on Ezra. Let’s pick up sticks for our campfire. Yay! Let’s go. We found sticks. OK, let’s make a fire to heat up. Oohha! I’m sleepy. Let’s go to bed. (Snore, snore, snore.) Cock-a-doodle-doo! It’s morning. Prprprpr! I’m cold mum.

The Pyramids by Hali H 2M

“Hey Honey! Take a picture of me holding the pyramids in my hand.” The man stood posing for photos as the little boy Justin ran for the pyramids, an area that was forbidden. On the news the man said that the pyramids of Egypt had been stolen. Someone in the town had stolen the real pyramid and replaced it with a fake one.

What a disaster the pyramids are fake. Camera news crews were gathering around to snap shots of this unbelievable event. The people on the pyramid tour knew of the little boy Justin because he always did the wrong thing but this time he helped people find the truth. The police started the intense investigation but had no definite leads. One lead found them interrogating a statue.



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