Year One Wonders

Watch out Aaron Blabey. Tenambit has talent!

Jasmine B. 1R

Bethany O’C 1J


I crept into the library. A book fell off the shelf. I opened the book. It had magical characters in the book. I said to myself, “This is way past my bedtime!”, but I just had to keep reading. There was a candy castle. I had to creep past the guards. I knocked them out. I went inside and found a white candy crown with white chocolate on the top. I just had to steal it! The candy guard chased me…
By Alexander B. 1J
The Hot Book
I ran into an open land. A huge spider was chasing me.
I said, “There the magic spell book is! Near the hot lava.”
Once I got to the magic book with spells, I entered into Candy Land. I was in a castle. I was the king of all the people there. If they’re scared they explode.
You’re not allowed to eat the candy people.
By Jayden D

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