Shelfies not Selfies

Do you have a collection of books at home?

I believe our bookshelves are a reflection of who we are. A mirror to our sometimes secret, sometimes not so secret, selves. There you will find new friends, clever companions and often old acquaintances that we could never bear to part with.

How well do you know your teachers? Do you know what their interests are? What do you think would be on their bookshelves?

Gaffney, BrianbecDuncan, Katriname

Can you match the bookshelves below to some of your teachers?

1. Katrinas shelf 2. image

3. bs 1 4.bec

How did you go? Did you guess correctly?

What’s on your bookshelf? Send in a picture of your shelf and I’ll create a quiz to see how well your teachers and fellow students know you.

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Miss Morris’s Holiday Reading Pics

collage 4

As I travelled around England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France with my partner last school holidays I always made sure I had a book on hand to read when things were getting a little dull.

My partner took some sneaky shots of me reading in front of Big Ben in London, sitting on a park bench in Paris with Notre Dame in the background, and reading amongst ancient castle ruins in Ireland.

Reading is so much fun; you can do it just about anywhere.

As a child my favourite books were written and illustrated by a lady named Beatrix Potter. She is the creator of the very popular Peter rabbit book series. My love for these stories drew me to a place called Windermere in the Lake District of England. Windermere and the Lake District is where Miss Potter wrote many of her stories. Whilst here I visited Miss Potters house, and many of the locations that inspired her.

Speaking of Potter, no not Beatrix Potter a different Potter. Harry Potter! I am also a Harry Potter fan (books before movies always!) I was lucky to come across the famous Hogwarts Express Bridge in Glen Coe Scotland.