Sunday Snapshot


Scorching sun,

Sizzling sand,

Refreshing romps in

Salty surf between

Relaxing reads!

Alliteration aside it really was the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

I have to thank Jasmine in 5/6P for recommending the first read, Kitten Kaboodle Mission 1: The Catier Emerald by Eileen O’Hely. It was a fun filled feline frolic. Keep a look out in our library for Mission 2: The Lightning Opal. The second read was one shared by Kate; Miles’s mum titled, The 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared by Swedish author Jonas Jonasson. This book is as crazy as it sounds. Lots of humour and a very interesting, twisted plot.

If you read a good book, don’t forget to share it with a friend. Thank you Liana in 3J and 5/6M for your recent reviews and recommendations.


Breanna’s book review


Seagull  Author: Danny Snell

Today 5/6Mc are reading a book and writing about it. I chose Seagull, written and illustrated by Danny Snell. This book is about a seagull that love to fly. But one day as she landed on the beach and gets tied up in fishing line. She tried to get it off but she couldn’t. Then she asked if the fish, pelican and crab cold help but they couldn’t help her. That night seagull sat on the sand. Then a little boy picked her up and helped her. Then the next morning came and she flew up into the sky.

Tasma and Trinitys’ book review


The Rainbow Fish by Mark Pfister

Why we liked The Rainbow fish:

The Rainbow Fish is an international bestseller and a modern classic.

Trinity and I did this review together. We like this book because it is inspiring, colourful and an intelligent fish and so well known.  We like The Rainbow Fish because it is inspiring to younger children to not be mean or they will regret it.

From Tazzy`n`Trin ;P

Olivia & Jaydens’ book review


Don’t step on the crack! by Colin McNaughton

Jayden and I were reading Don’t step on the crack! by Colin McNaughton. l like it so much I read it again. It was fun. l like it was his birthday and he got a tutu for his birthday.

From Olivia

Olivia and I were reading Don’t step on the crack! by Colin M’Naughton and I reckon it was very good and funny. The picture’s were cool and I reckon that the book was great so yeah.

From Jayden.

Ruby’s book review



Stranded by Jan Ramage

Tody I read Stranded by Jan Ramage. I think it’s a great book with beautiful illustrations by Mark Wilson. It is about a little boy who finds a pod of whales stranded on a beach and the boy saves them.

The bay was awash with stranded whales. Their high-pitched calls filled the air. Ben had to get help. This book is a true story of a town of whose people saved 120 beached whales, stranded is the story of one little whale ,and one little boy who risked his life to save it.

This is a great book, and don’t forget to go onto Mrs Riding’s blog.

Emily’s book review


Isabella’s Garden by Glenda Millard and Rebecca Cool

Today I read the book Isabella’s Garden by Glenda Millard and Rebecca Cool. I liked the book but it wasn’t my favourite. I liked all the descriptive words throughout the story. It definitely made the book more enjoyable to read.

I felt like it was for kids in year 2-3 only because the book had a lot of rhyming throughout the story!

Alison’s book review


Once Upon a Time by Niki Daly

I borrowed the book Once Upon a Time and I loved it. It is about a girl called Sarie who can’t read but the teachers are blown away at the end. It was written and illustrated by Niki Daly. The colors are amazing and the pictures are so good. It is has a good lesson. Never give up and try to help out as much as you can with people who just need a little help with any subject.

It is a full 10/10 so you must read it. I would recommend this to anybody.

Emily’s book review


Somewhere In Australia by Marcello Pennacchio

Today I read ‘Somewhere In Australia’ by Marcello Pennacchio and Danny Snell. I think that it is a great book because it has different Aussie animals like kangaroos, kookaburra’s, platypus’s, Tasmanian devils and lots more. The illustrator has put lot’s of colour in it and fantastic picture’s of thing’s like dingo’s and their babies howling in the sunlight, snake’s and their baby’s slithering around in the bush, and a mother thorny devil and her little babies basking around in the sun.

The blurb say’s ‘Somewhere in Australia, in a land of scorching sun, lived a mother kangaroo and her little joey one. ‘Hop’, said the mother. ‘I hop’, said the one, as they hopped over land scorched by the hot sun. Join the little joey and many more familiar animal’s in this glorious Australian counting book based on the classic rhyme ‘Over The Meadow’.

Don’t you think it’s just wonderful? Thank you for reading my book review and please keep coming onto Mrs Riding’s blog!!!!!!!!!!

Alliyah’s book review


Two Peas in a Pod by Chris McKimmie

Today 5/6Mc are doing a book review so I chose Two Peas in a Pod by Chris McKimmie and this is what I think of it. This book has a lot of emotion and I find that in this story the connection between the characters really shows what this book is about. All characters have a special part to themselves and are equal. I really enjoyed seeing the illustrations just because it wasn’t just a plain old picture or drawing. It was creative and unique which really made me even more obsessed with this book.

I recommend this book to all ages because it’s not just based for a 5 year old its based for everyone and I think that’s great.


Megan’s book review


Mending Lucille by J.R. Poulter and Sarah Davis

Today on the 26.2.16 we grabbed a book and wrote about it. I picked Mending Lucille by J.R. Poulter and Sarah Davis. It’s about a little girls loss, and someone with a healing touch, a loving touch. Someone who gently reaches out to mend the child and her favourite doll, Lucille.

I think mothers should read mending Lucille to their children and buy it.