World Read Aloud Day


Imagine a world where everyone can read…

Today, February the 24th is World Read Aloud Day. Every year people all over the world celebrate this special day which is all about spreading a love for reading.

We are so fortunate at Tenambit to have an amazing library and classrooms full of great books. My challenge to you today is to read aloud to your mum, dad, brothers, sisters, friends … why not ring or Skype nan or pop and read to them… you could even read to your cat or dog.

Send me a reply and tell me who you read to. Even better send me a photo and I’ll post it here.

Photos can be sent to:

12 thoughts on “World Read Aloud Day

  1. So I read to my mother ( Kristin B).The book was called The Roald Dahl Treasury. Thank you today for I have read to mum for the first time in 2 years and welcome to library matters everybody for 2016.

  2. Great job to all the fellow students. I never knew how many people were on the blog. On read aloud day I read to my to my sister Olivia D. and my brother Joseph D.

    From Alison

  3. I read an amazing book called (Savannah Dreams) I truely like this book because the natural culture as in going to creeks and fishing. The illustrations are like paintings to give it detail and to encourage younger children to read it. Thanks for reading this guys.😀

    • Hi Alison. Yes we do have this book in the library. It’s written by Lolla Stewart and is located on the ‘S’ shelf in the Junior Fiction area. I hope you take a look and enjoy it too.

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