Sensationally, stylish shoes!

Everyone knows how much I love shoes! Not so long ago I shared one of my favourite books, Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat, by Stephen Michael King with year one. It’s about a timid girl called Millie whose creativity is stifled by the people around her. Every day she makes brown shoes, black shoes and plain, ordinary work boots when all she really wants to do is use her flair and imagination. This changes the day two vagabond minstrels, Jack and the dancing cat roll into town and give her the courage to finally be herself.  Inspired by Milli, year one designed some super stylish creations that would be the envy of Jimmy Choo, Manola Blahnik and Christian Louboutin. I’d certainly like one or two pairs of these in my collection.


Have you read this great book? Why not look for it in our library.


4 thoughts on “Sensationally, stylish shoes!

  1. WOW…
    What wonderful shoes.
    “They look fabulous” (Taylee)
    “They look amazing” (James)
    “They look fantastic (Heath)
    “They look beautiful” (Makinley)
    “They are magnificent” (Isabella)

  2. Hello, our names are Allegresse and Sasha. We live in London and go to St Luke’s Primary School. Every Thursday Miss Steele teaches us. Our comment is that your artworks are very creative!! Well done!!

  3. Hello, my name Aysha and I go to St Lukes Primary School in London, England. My Teacher is Miss. Steele and your artworks are really good and creative.

  4. Hello Aysha
    My name is Chloe and I was in Miss Steele’s class last year. What year are you in?
    Hope you enjoy Miss Steele I loved having her last year.
    From Chloe

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