If quirky facts are more your thing…

They say that truth is stranger than fiction… but can you tell the difference?

  • Laszlo Biro who invented the ballpoint pen also worked as a sculptor and a hypnotist.
  • Stephen Taylor from the UK is the owner of the longest tongue ever measured at 9.8cm.
  • Mrs Riding once worked for NASA and traveled to the moon and back in 2006.
  • Both Puma and Adidas claim to be the inventors of football boot studs. It’s interesting that the founders of each company are brothers- Rudolf and Adolf Dassler.

Most stories in these books like the statements above are true, but some are tall tales. Will you be able to spot the difference?

Each book contains over 200 stories about weird and wonderful things.

This is another new series you may want to look for in our library.


Sophie’s book review



I think this joke book is one of a kind.
Because of all of those funny jokes I just couldn’t put the book down.
I think the best joke was:

A schoolboy went to the teacher and said, ” May I go to the bathroom? “The teacher answered, “First say the alphabet” ,so he started saying it:
When the boy had finished the teacher asked, “what happened to the P?”
the boy looked down…

See what I mean. This book has loads of cool and funny jokes. Thanks for making this book. I really loved it 🙂

New series 2watch out4

imageA number of students requested some new ‘choose your own adventure’ stories. These are a few new titles going into the library this term. You’ll find them on the ‘I’ shelf in our Fiction area. Let me know what you think.



Geronimo Stilton fans will love these new titles. If you haven’t read any before why not give them a try. Look for them on the ‘S’ shelf in the Fiction area.



imageThis series is new to our library. It’s written by Meredith Badger so you’ll find these books on the ‘B’ shelf in the Fiction area. I’d love someone to read one and review it for us.






Sizzling starts and bewitching blurbs

the-pearl-of-tiger-bay ghost

Last week in our library we discussed what leads us to choose and read the books that we do. An intriguing title, an attractive cover, a favourite author, all important considerations, but when it comes to the crunch the book has to have a sizzling start and a blurb that grabs our attention and screams… “you’ve got to read me and find out what happens.”

Yesterday I began my holiday reading with one of two books by Gabrielle Wang I’ve brought home titled The Pearl of Tiger Bay. The blurb reads:

Suddenly, Annie felt a cold flutter touch the back of her neck. Someone was watching her, she was sure of it. She glanced up at the limestone cliff behind her. It was then she noticed a creepy old house with blank staring eyes, its outline barely visible against the thin cover of clouds.

When Annie moves with her family to the seaside town of Tiger Bay, she finds a place full of secrets, mystery and a strange sadness. Most mysterious of all is Madame Olenka, who lives in the Pearl, a grand dilapidated hotel on the cliff above the township, and has not spoken to anyone in thirty years . . .

It didn’t disappoint and one that I’d recommend to good stage 2 and stage 3 readers. Today, (after the housework’s been done of course) I’m going to start on the second offering titled A Ghost in my Suitcase. Its blurb:

The flute music stops, and my breath catches in my throat.  Silence falls like a veil.  Then I hear something – no, I feel it in my chest.  ‘Steady yourself,’ Por Por whispers.  ‘It’s here . . . ‘

When Celeste travels to China to visit her grandmother, she uncovers an incredible family secret.  And with this secret comes danger and adventure.

If Celeste is to save her family and friends, she must learn to harness her rare and powerful gift  as a ghost-hunter. . .

Are you reading a great book at the moment? I’d love to hear about it.



PRC update

From a fab five in 2015 to a bakers dozen this year. Well done to these Stage 2 and 3 early finishers; Tyler, Chloe, Jake, Banjo, Andrew, Josh, Sarah, Brock, Riley, Eleanoa, Lavinia, Miles and Kali. Our latest reading ambassadors were presented with their ‘2016 Get Reading’ badge at assembly last week.


Ms Wright and the wonderful 1W were super excited today as they also received their ‘2016 Get Reading’ badge for completing the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge. Congratulations 1W!

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