6 thoughts on “Relaxed, refreshed… readers!

  1. OMG I didn’t realise that me and my best friend Ruby were even on here (the one with the colourful jumper is me and the one with the braids is Ruby) BFF’S 4-EVER!!!!!👭

  2. Hello Mrs Riding,

    i would like to ask you why would they pick my dead bunny, i dont know why they would choose a book about a dead bunny. its really sad to see a bunny die and i nearly cried when i read that part.

    • I really can’t answer that question Bethany. It’s not a book that I would have chosen, in fact I have removed it from our library because its not one I would want our students to read. I agree it’s a sad subject and not something that you make fun of. Thank you for your comment.

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