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One step at a time by Jan Jolly and Sally Heinrich

Mali the elephant was looking for bananas.

The elephant, Mali, lost a leg and couldn’t stand up. Luk tried to help her. He took her to a cave made of ice then he ran off to a temple to get help. Then they went to a camp site where they made her a fake leg.

Mali the elephant was protected by a young boy called Luk. When Mali was injured in a landmine Luk helped Mali by staying with him. I thought Mali was going to pass out because she stepped on a landmine, that can kill you straight away. But she was an elephant. Luk was pretty freaked out, maybe he thought that she was going to pass out too.

It made me feel sad because I think elephants are endangered species.

2 thoughts on “Noah’s book review

  1. Hi noah. I like one step at a time but you missed something she lost her leg by a land mine. HAHAHAHA! i cant belive you forgot that silly!!!

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