BookFace Friday #1

No, you didn’t read it wrongly. I didn’t mean Facebook, it really is BookFace. Your teachers had some fun yesterday posing with some amazing library books. Can you recognise the teachers behind these books?

image image image image image

How clever were you? Were you able to discover the secret identities? Post a comment and let me know. Watch this space for BookFace Friday #2.


15 thoughts on “BookFace Friday #1

  1. This is absolutely fantastic Mrs Riding.
    3/4 F had a fun and enjoyable time discussing and guessing which teacher matched up to which number.
    Number 2 was definitely the trickiest. However, we spotted one clue which gave away who it is.

  2. All these pics look great I think number 4 is Mrs Jhonston!!! Mrs Braithwaites is probably the funniest though but I just can’t figure out who number 5 is?🤔

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