My weekend with Bella

Dear Diary,
Today I got to go home with Bella. She showed me around her house and introduced me to her Teddies. I became really good friends with Scooby Doo and Kiki the Fox so we watched Scooby Doo together.


Then when the show was over Bella said she had a surprise for us so we went to her room and she made a little feast with chocolates and choc chip cookies. She said she made them with her brother, her mum and her mum’s friend.

Dear Diary,
Today we got up at 5.33am and went to Bella’s step dad’s house. Bella’s brother woke up and he wanted to keep me and my favourite book, but Bella took over. We had breakfast then jumped into bed and played ROBLOX on Bella’s iPad. We then turned the TV on and watched Mashu’s Spooky Tales. They were very scary. Then we went to school.


At school we did some reading and then decided to look on the library blog and we looked at Mile’s book review. We did a spelling test and I got 17/20 then it was time for sport so I stayed in the classroom.


Dear Diary,
Today me and Bella went to see her new cousin and she was so cute. After we went to the shops to get some stuff for dinner which was burritos. After dinner we read my favourite book.


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