My weekend with James

img_8353Dear Diary,
This weekend I am with James. He is in class 1W. OK back to us. James said we are going to read a book. He gave me the choice of Superman: The Deadly Dream Machine, Superman: The little Green Men, Superman: The Deadly Double Sperman: Deep Space Hijack, Fantastic Mr Fox or ESIO TROT. I chose The Deadly Dream Machine. It was cool, there were 5 chapters. My fave is chapter 5. It’s called Solar Power. Then it was dinner time then we went to bed. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Goodnight.


Dear Diary,
Good morning. It’s Saturday and I only just woke up. I can’t wait for the fun today. I’m going to have a great day. James is going to the hairdressers to get a haircut and his sister Emily looked after me. We had lots of fun. When James got back he was wondering where I was and I was in the room with my friend Cadence. We were sitting right next to each other on my blanket. Cadence is having a sleepover in my bed. Then it was dinnertime. Then we went to bed. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Goodnight.


Dear Diary,
Good morning. It’s Sunday. Today I woke up next to Cadence. James woke up too early to play so we read Pig the Pug. It teaches you a lesson not to be greedy. It was still too early to play so we read another book. It was The Mighty Avengers. It was cool! Heroes Vs Villians. Heroes win because in this one it has five heroes and one villain. Then we had dinner and it was bedtime. I can’t wait until next Thursday because someone else gets me for the weekend.
Goodnight and bye.

3 thoughts on “My weekend with James

  1. Every time I look at someone else with blog dog I think wow wouldn’t he just be the most luckiest dog in the world😊

    • He is very lucky Emily. Wait til you see what adventures he has planned over the Christmas holiday break. You’ll have to check back and see what he gets up to. Fun, fun, fun!

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