Blog dog – My first visit to hospital

Don’t worry! I’m okay! No cuts, bruises or broken bones here.


I went to Ipswich hospital with Mrs Riding to visit her son Anthony, AJ to his friends. He had a knee reconstruction yesterday and he was still in a lot of pain this morning. A cuddle from me though really cheered him up. The doctor said we can take him home later today. He’s really looking forward to sleeping in his own bed and to his mum’s cooking. He loves her lasagne and apple charlotte. Yum!


I will be hanging with Hercules too. Lucky for me he likes dogs. One of his best friends is a dog called Lady.

My weekend with Andrew


Dear Diary,

I am so excited to go to Andrew’s house. Before we got there we had a fun time at recess. First I met Andrew’s brother Dominic. He is really nice. We played handball and I played the iPad. His teacher was Mr Freeburn and I saw Leo was in his class. Leo hugged me again and people wouldn’t stop sneaking touches and pats of me when Andrew wasn’t looking. We had to do some singing for carols which is a Christmas thing for the school. We went home and read my favourite book, Pig the Pug. It is so awesome!  We read my diary and Andrew had a shower. When Andrew was in the shower I talked to his Teddys, Ginggy and Rudolph. Rudolph has a red nose and  Ginggy is a gingerbread man. After Andrew got out of the shower we had afternoon tea. I had water and Kristen, Andrew’s mum, makes him and his brothers a smoothie.

Dear Diary,

My new song,

Woof! Wooooof!

This is gonna be the best time of my life, my li-life,

Woof! Wooooof

This is gonna be the best time of my li-l-ife,

Woof! Woof! A Whoo!


Dear Diary,

We stopped a bit early because Andrew’s mum had to do dishes. His mum wasn’t ready for the carols yet and we weren’t allowed to read Andrew’s book yet. Once we arrived at the carols Andrew’s mum said I couldn’t play with him so I had to stay behind. As I said before Andrew’s mum’s name is Kristen and she didn’t do anything fun. When Andrew was singing I was on stage with him. We also got a photo with Santa Claus. I realised that Santa was actually Mr Carter. We had to go back to Andrew’s house after the photo. Andrew got into his pyjamas and I had to close my eyes because Andrew had I a surprise. I was excited because I love surprises. I’ve been excited ever since I got to meet Andrew. When I opened my eyes Andrew had made me a bed out of a washing basket, a pillow and my blanket.



Dear Diary,

Today we didn’ t do much because of his mum saying no. We mostly watched  a movie but we did a bit of reading and craft. The craft was for teachers Christmas presents. Boo Hoo! Porridge for dinner and breakfast.


Dear Diary,

I will miss Andrew very much over the holidays but I still had a great day yesterday. The main thing, and the best thing was reading. We read a lot. The book we read was Heroes of Olympus: the lost hero. We watched the first and second Santa Claus movies. Awesome! I wonder if anything can beat this?




My weekend with Ofa

Dear Diary,

Today I went home with Ofa. Her class is 2/3E. Ofa has six siblings. She’s got two baby brothers and they’re twins, she’s got four sisters. Back to what we were talking about. When she took me home we played babies with her two little brothers. After that we did finger knitting. I loved it. Then I watched Doc McMuffin with her little baby brother Curtis. We had dinner and then bed.


Dear Diary,

Today we woke up and for breakfast had scrambled eggs on toast. Yum! We got ready for our excursion to Taronga Park Zoo. Ofa is taking me. I’m so excited! We got to school, got on the bus and the teacher marked the roll.


We got to Taronga. Ofa tripped over on the bus but her friends helped her up. We had fruit break and then we saw birds, bats, possums, elephants, goats, chimpanzees, echidna, Tasmanian devil and a peacock. When we got back on the bus we watched Happy Feet, then we stopped for a break and had a run around. We played tips then got back on the bus and Ofa read me Pig the Pug, my favourite book then we were back at school. Ofa’s dad picked us up and we went home for dinner then we went to bed.


Dear Diary,

Today I woke up and we had breakfast, Vegemite on toast. After breakfast we read 78 Storey Treehouse. Then we practised Ofa’s choir songs, Dreamtime Christmas, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, Lanterns and Christmas Day with Ofa’s sister Elenoa. Ofa’s little brother said, “be quiet.” We played tea parties with two more toy dogs, their names are Nahla and Nahla. Then I went to bed. When I woke up we played apple on a stick and Miss Mop.


Perfect Platinum!


Absent from photograph: Blair B.

Platinum! It doesn’t get any better than this. We have a record number of students receiving platinum awards in this year’s NSW Premiers Reading Challenge. This certificate can only be received in year 6 as it signifies successful completion in every school year. I am very proud of these super students. I hope they continue to take part in the challenge as they move on to high school. Three more years of successful completion will see them receive a medal from the NSW Premier in 2019.

Happy reading!