The countdown has begun!

Book Week is just a little over one week away. It begins with the announcement in seven days time of the winners in each of the shortlist categories. Then on Monday the fun begins. Book Fair, a visiting author, movie and popcorn for one lucky class and of course the highlight of the week would have to be the book parade. I’m getting busy today making my costume.

Thank you Leigh Hobbs and Mr Chicken for providing the inspiration for my Book Week costume this year. As we know Mr Chicken has many adventures and escapes to many exotic locations. You’ll just have to wait until the parade to see where I’ve decided to escape to.

Escape to Everywhere

It’s almost that time of year again! Yes we are counting down to Book week 2017 and the theme this year is ‘Escape to Everywhere.’

I’m starting to think about my costume for our book parade, wondering what great books will be available at our book fair and also getting SUPER EXCITED because local author Deborah Kelly is visiting during book week to share important aspects of her craft and read some of her books. Most of all though I’m looking forward to sharing some of the shortlisted books with you, the super star students of Tenambit. After all book week is a celebration of Australia’s best authors, illustrators and books.

What do you enjoy most about book week?

Aishnn’s book review

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli and Franseca Cavallo

This is a very inspirational book of true stories about rebellious women who stood up for their rights and equality. Featured are sports women, scientists, ballerinas, musicians, artists, explorers, mathematicians, and royalty. Illustrations of these women are by a collection of female artists.

My opinion on this book is very strong, just like these amazing women who have changed this world, allowing opportunities for females that never existed before. This is an absolutely incredible book, and my favourite person is Malala Yousafzai. Malala is a young activist with a very inspirational story. She stood up for the education of females and got shot in the head but survived and is still fighting for that education today.

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful” Malala Yousafzai

I recommend this book to all genders at any age. For a star rating I would give it 20,000 stars out of 5.

Opera is coming to Tenambit!

Photo credit: Jeff Busby

We are in for a treat at Tenambit when Opera Australia combines with Deaf Children Australia to bring a shadow interpreted performance of El Kid to our school on Wednesday the 3rd of May.

El Kid is a modern reimagining of the classic Norwegian folk tale of The Three Billy Goats Gruff set to the music from Bizet’s Carmen. It deals with the important issues of sibling rivalry, loneliness and bullying as poor Diego, the smallest Billy goat endures verbal abuse and put downs from his brother and sister whose self-importance is inflated by the number of Facebook likes they get. It explores the courage you find when you believe in yourself and shows how confidence and self-respect can help you overcome the obstacles of life.

This will be theatre at its best, highly engaging with lots of laughs.  I’m sure it will stimulate some very meaningful discussion.


The Cow Tripped Over the Moon – NSS 2017

On Wednesday 24 May at 11am Tenambit Public School will be joining thousands  of children in thousands of locations across Australia by sharing The Cow Tripped Over the Moon written by Tony Wilson and illustrated by Laura Wood.

National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual campaign that aims to encourage more young Australians to read and enjoy books. WE LOVE BOOKS and reading at Tenambit school. Why don’t you join in by reading along with us.


Blog Dog goes to the disco!

Dear Diary,

Ching! The money hit the container. Ofa, Elenoa and I got stamps on our hands and paw and entered the disco. I got to meet and greet some of Elenoa’s friends. We took some pictures and pounced into the hall. The lights switched off and the music started. The disco had begun.

Firstly we played hula hoop games. Eleanoa told me a secret. (She isn’t a good hula hooper.) You got a lollie if you tried to hula hoop. I did it the easy way. I jumped through the hoops! We got heaps of prizes from winning games. Secondly we did limbo. I easily made it. I played dead and got a lollie. It was fun and every time Elenoa went, she made it too. Thirdly we did cards. Each student leader had a card, diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades. They played the music for a little while then when the music stopped everyone sprinted after one of the cards. DJ Manning then picked a card and everyone got out from the card he picked.

Everyone loved dancing, lollies and trampolines. I got tapped on the paw and I got to jump on the trampoline. I also got heaps of lollies for being the best dog dancer in the house. I had photos and selfies with everyone everywhere. Elenoa and I danced every single dance there was with the smile never peeling off our faces.

EIn the middle of the nutbush Elenoa’s dad arrived and I snuggled in my warm bag. It was an exhausting night that was awesome, maybe my #1 favourite time ever! After that we walked home. We had a yummy pineapple salad and I was also showed a delicious new drink. It’s called Kombucha and it is A-MAZE-ING!

Bye til next time, BD

BD not only stands for Blog Dog, but also Best Dancer. Well best dog dancer anyway.


Don’t you just love the English language? It is continually evolving and changing to reflect the times. Take for example, fomo, selfie, chillax, guyliner, mankini, twitterati to name just a few.

This morning I opened a box of books and was intrigued by a book titled The Catawampus Cat by Jason Carter-Eaton. It’s a magical story about a peculiar, crooked cat who helps people see things a little differently. On reading the blurb I was surprised to learn that catawampus is a real word dating back to the 1840s and means  “diagonal or at an angle,” “askew, awry, or crooked.” For example, “Mr Gaffney, your tie is catawampus; let me straighten it for you.”

It got me thinking about how much fun it would be to make up some crazy words of my own. What about…

Excelagination: “Colin Thompson’s books show that he has an excelagination.”

Campeachy: “One of Mrs Riding’s favourite holidays is to campeachy.”

Why don’t you make up some new words of your own? Go on. I challenge you.

My weekend with Rose

Dear Diary,

Today I’m going home with Rose.

I got to see all of Rose’s friends and Eliza read a story. Now we are playing hide and seek. yah!

Rose’s Aunty came to look after us while nan was at work and Steve read a book to me.

Sunday we went shopping. It was a fun weekend with Rosie and Rose came up with a new nick name for me. Blogging doggie! What do you think?

Bye BD