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Do you know where I went today? I’ll give you some clues.

  • I visited an island north of Brisbane.
  • It’s the smallest of three islands in Moreton Bay.
  • Most of the island is a National Park but the southern end has 4 suburbs with a population of around 16000 according to 2006 census data.

It was very hot and I needed to cool off so we went to Woorim on the surf side of the island for a swim but I wasn’t allowed on the beach.
I hung out in the shade with Anthony while Mrs Riding had a swim.

Then Mrs Riding took me to Banksia beach on the lee side of the island for a dip. So refreshing!

There were hundreds of these strange blue-blubber jellyfish (catostylus mosaicus) washed up on the beach. I felt a bit sorry for them.


Morton Bay, Woorim, Banksia beach… have you discovered where I went?

7 thoughts on “Blog Dog – Beautiful one day, perfect the next!

  1. FIRST!!πŸ˜œπŸ’©πŸ¦„
    But I think it is Southern Bay Island the furthest down island that looks like it is getting swallowed by mainland. By the way I looked up pictures of Moreton bay and the beaches are AMAZEBALLS to the power of infinite.

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