Blog Dog – Home and away

I would have to be the luckiest dog in Australia!

I arrived home from a magnificent month in Queensland and then I was off again. This time to our state capital and a spectacular dinner cruise on the harbour.

The following morning I had time to stop and smell the roses, well gazanias actually. Can you guess this mystery location? It is the northern most suburb of Sydney and where all of the outdoor filming for ‘Home and Away‘ takes place.

After a stroll around the peninsula and through Governor Phillip park we met friends for lunch.

We took in the sights from the lookout before travelling home.
What a super weekend!

I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends at Tenambit public school next week.
I wonder who will be first to take me home in 2017?

8 thoughts on “Blog Dog – Home and away

  1. Hello Blog Dog,
    We have just finished reading and looking at the pictures on your blog and they look great. It looked like you and Mrs Riding had a great weekend. What did you two have for lunch? Did Mrs Riding share her lunch with you?
    Guess what? We looked up and found out where Home and Away is filmed. The beach is called Palm Beach. Did you and Mrs Riding go for a swim. See you on Wednesday.
    Lots of love,

    • Well done 3J. You are right. We did go to Palm beach. Mrs Riding had a salad for lunch which is really not my thing. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber! Yuck, yuck, yuck! We didn’t get to have a swim because Mrs Riding forgot her swimmers, but it didn’t matter. We still had a great weekend.

      I’d love to go home with some kids from Tenambit school but remember you have to post a comment if you want to take me home.
      Blog Dog

  2. Hey blog dog after you stay with Chloe do you wanna have a stay at my place that will be very nice and you can meet my dog Lucy you well get along quite nice together.

  3. I would love to take blog dog home next week please and that will be fantastic for me because that will be my first time so that will be great

  4. hi can I can take blog dog home to day because I am going shopping and want to take blog dog shopping to get him a new book to read, and a new hat, and a new blanket.
    thanks jojo

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