My weekend with Lacey

Dear Diary,

Today I went home with Lacey. We jumped on the trampoline.

We went to get haircuts.

Lacey read me Diary of a wombat and I read Pig the Pug and The Very Cranky Bear.

I got to meet Lacey’s real dog.

I snuggled up with Husky for the night. In the morning Lacey took me to swimming lessons.

Bye for now, BD

6 thoughts on “My weekend with Lacey

  1. Hi Mrs Riding,
    Can I please take Bog Dog home because he looks so cute.
    I would let him sleep in my bed with me.
    I would play games with him outside if it is not raining.
    I would look after him. At night when mummy reads to me he could listen too!
    Thank Wade from 3J

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