Opera is coming to Tenambit!

Photo credit: Jeff Busby

We are in for a treat at Tenambit when Opera Australia combines with Deaf Children Australia to bring a shadow interpreted performance of El Kid to our school on Wednesday the 3rd of May.

El Kid is a modern reimagining of the classic Norwegian folk tale of The Three Billy Goats Gruff set to the music from Bizet’s Carmen. It deals with the important issues of sibling rivalry, loneliness and bullying as poor Diego, the smallest Billy goat endures verbal abuse and put downs from his brother and sister whose self-importance is inflated by the number of Facebook likes they get. It explores the courage you find when you believe in yourself and shows how confidence and self-respect can help you overcome the obstacles of life.

This will be theatre at its best, highly engaging with lots of laughs.  I’m sure it will stimulate some very meaningful discussion.


One thought on “Opera is coming to Tenambit!

  1. K-6D absolutely loved this performance and we put a blog update on our class page. Thanks to Mrs Riding for organising this event, yet again. What a great opportunity for our students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and their siblings at our school!

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