Blog Dog goes to the disco!

Dear Diary,

Ching! The money hit the container. Ofa, Elenoa and I got stamps on our hands and paw and entered the disco. I got to meet and greet some of Elenoa’s friends. We took some pictures and pounced into the hall. The lights switched off and the music started. The disco had begun.

Firstly we played hula hoop games. Eleanoa told me a secret. (She isn’t a good hula hooper.) You got a lollie if you tried to hula hoop. I did it the easy way. I jumped through the hoops! We got heaps of prizes from winning games. Secondly we did limbo. I easily made it. I played dead and got a lollie. It was fun and every time Elenoa went, she made it too. Thirdly we did cards. Each student leader had a card, diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades. They played the music for a little while then when the music stopped everyone sprinted after one of the cards. DJ Manning then picked a card and everyone got out from the card he picked.

Everyone loved dancing, lollies and trampolines. I got tapped on the paw and I got to jump on the trampoline. I also got heaps of lollies for being the best dog dancer in the house. I had photos and selfies with everyone everywhere. Elenoa and I danced every single dance there was with the smile never peeling off our faces.

EIn the middle of the nutbush Elenoa’s dad arrived and I snuggled in my warm bag. It was an exhausting night that was awesome, maybe my #1 favourite time ever! After that we walked home. We had a yummy pineapple salad and I was also showed a delicious new drink. It’s called Kombucha and it is A-MAZE-ING!

Bye til next time, BD

BD not only stands for Blog Dog, but also Best Dancer. Well best dog dancer anyway.

My weekend with Rose

Dear Diary,

Today I’m going home with Rose.

I got to see all of Rose’s friends and Eliza read a story. Now we are playing hide and seek. yah!

Rose’s Aunty came to look after us while nan was at work and Steve read a book to me.

Sunday we went shopping. It was a fun weekend with Rosie and Rose came up with a new nick name for me. Blogging doggie! What do you think?

Bye BD

My weekend with Sarah

Dear Diary,

Today I came home with Sarah and she introduced me to her dad and her stepmum Lizzie,(short for Elizabeth) I sat on the blanket and read Pig the Pug then she introduced me to her baby brother Darcy who is almost 5 months old. He is so cute!

Sincerely, Blog Dog

Dear Diary,

Today was a big day! Sarah took me to school and I stayed in my bag reading. Sarah’s mum picked us up from school then we drove to pick up Jas, her big sister from high school. We stayed home, I watched the TV and took a long nap. Sarah tucked me in and read my fav book. We have a big day tomorrow so I need a big sleep. We’re going to the beach tomorrow.

Goodnight! Sweet dreams & lots of hugs from Blog Dog

Dear Diary,

I went to the beach with Sarah, Angelique and Annabelle. We had lots of fun swimming and building sandcastles. Today is my last day with Sarah before I go back to Mrs Riding.

Lots of hugs, Blog dog, BD

My weekend with Chloe

Dear Diary,

Today I went home with Chloe Mc. We had so many adventures just on the first day! I can’t wait to spend the weekend with her. When we got home I chilled on her bed and watched her move her fingers fast as she did some sewing. I also met her friend Larah, she is really nice! Then at about 5.15 we walked over to the park just across the road from her house. Chloe’s at her mums at the moment and is going to her dads tomorrow. I wonder what her dads house looks like? Anyway now I’m getting ready for bed. See you in the morning.

Dear Diary,

Today is Friday. I went to Chloe’s dads house today. His house is small but neat. The heatwave is horrible today and its meant to be worse tomorrow. Tonight we are all sleeping in the lounge room because its much cooler. I wonder what we will do tomorrow? Chloe and Madi are watching TV now and I’m relaxing. Its as icy as an ice cube! I got to ride in their car too! It’s so smooth. I had a great day!

Dear Diary,

Today I slept til 8.20. Chloe packed up my blanket and we watched TV. It was so hot today so we mostly stayed home. It got up to 46.5°C. We had lots of icy poles. We watched Lego Movie, Minions and Secret life of pets. Then afterwards we coloured in and drew lots of pictures. Now Chloe is reading me Pig the Pug with a glass of cold milk before bed. Tomorrow we are going to grandma and grandpa’s house for a swim. We will have so much fun!

Dear Diary,

It’s Chloes last day with me before I go back to Mrs Riding. It was 45°C again! In the morning Chloe took me to her grandparents pool and then we went to Hungry Jacks to get a slushie. After we chilled out and watched movies again. Then we went back to Chloe’s mum’s house. Now we’re watching I’m a Celebrity get me out of here, then it’s straight to bed.

Blog Dog – Home and away

I would have to be the luckiest dog in Australia!

I arrived home from a magnificent month in Queensland and then I was off again. This time to our state capital and a spectacular dinner cruise on the harbour.

The following morning I had time to stop and smell the roses, well gazanias actually. Can you guess this mystery location? It is the northern most suburb of Sydney and where all of the outdoor filming for ‘Home and Away‘ takes place.

After a stroll around the peninsula and through Governor Phillip park we met friends for lunch.

We took in the sights from the lookout before travelling home.
What a super weekend!

I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends at Tenambit public school next week.
I wonder who will be first to take me home in 2017?

Blog Dog – From the bush to the beach

I’m still in the Sunshine State. Can you use the clues to discover the two places I visited today? If you look very closely at one of the photos it contains a huge clue to where I am.

Location 1: The bush

  • This small town is located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, 118 km north of Brisbane.
  • The population is 1,924 according to 2011 census data.
  • Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd grew up on a dairy farm here until the age of 11. Following the death of his father the family were forced to move for financial reasons.
  • Australian tennis champion Pat Rafter also went to primary school here.

The first place we visited was a HUGE book shop called the Berkelouw Book Barn. Mrs Riding discovered this bookshop by accident in 2015 and she couldn’t wait for the opportunity to visit again.

She bought Anthony a book called How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. It’s pretty funny. I don’t think he has anything to worry about with Hercules though.

After spending what seemed like hours in the bookshop it was time for some fun in the park. The second ride was a bit wobbly and I fell off twice.

Location 2: The beach

  • This beachside town is a really popular tourist destination.
  • It is located 136km north of Brisbane.
  • The population is 3,999 according to 2011 census data.
  • It has one of Australia’s only east coast north facing beaches so it’s protected from onshore winds and storms.
  • The headland is a National Park with an amazing walking track that hugs the coast and passes places with names like Boiling Pot, Dolphin Point, Hell’s Gate and the Devil’s Kitchen.

The first thing we did was cool off in the river.

I went exploring in the park while Mrs Riding relaxed under a shady tree with a book.

After a tasty lunch in Hasting street it was off to Main Beach.

I kept Anthony company while Mrs Riding went for a swim.

It was another fun day out. Can you use the clues to discover the two places we went today?

Blog Dog – Off to the mountain

Well not really a mountain, more like a plateau.
Are you up for another challenge? Can you guess where I am today? Here are the clues.

  • The village is called Mt something.
  • It’s part of the Gold Coast hinterland.
  • Elevation is 525m.
  • Population around 7000 according to 2011 census figures.
  • The name has a musical instrument in it but it has nothing to do with that. It comes from the Anglicised version of the Aboriginal word ‘Jambreen‘ from the Yugambeh language.

I’m on top of the world! Well on top of a sculpture called Visiting Earth Angel by Antoine Bruinsma. Isn’t she beautiful!

We were deciding where to have lunch and we stopped here at what was called The Polish Place. I say was, because it burnt down the day after we visited. There was a fire in the kitchen during the night and the fireman couldn’t save it. Such a shame!

After lunch we went to a place called the Rainforest SkyWalk. The walk was a combination of forest floor trails, 300 metres of high-tech steel bridges through the highest points of the rainforests upper canopy, and a 40 metre cantilever bridge that soared a breathtaking 30 metres above Cedar creek and the rainforest below. The cantilever bridge was pretty scary as we were very high up and it was wobbling around like a bowl of jelly. Lucky I was tucked into my backpack very securely.

Gold coast hinterland, The Polish Place, Rainforest SkyWalk… Have I given you enough clues to solve the mystery of where I spent the day?

Blog Dog – Beautiful one day, perfect the next!

Do you know where I went today? I’ll give you some clues.

  • I visited an island north of Brisbane.
  • It’s the smallest of three islands in Moreton Bay.
  • Most of the island is a National Park but the southern end has 4 suburbs with a population of around 16000 according to 2006 census data.

It was very hot and I needed to cool off so we went to Woorim on the surf side of the island for a swim but I wasn’t allowed on the beach.
I hung out in the shade with Anthony while Mrs Riding had a swim.

Then Mrs Riding took me to Banksia beach on the lee side of the island for a dip. So refreshing!

There were hundreds of these strange blue-blubber jellyfish (catostylus mosaicus) washed up on the beach. I felt a bit sorry for them.


Morton Bay, Woorim, Banksia beach… have you discovered where I went?

Blog Dog – My SURREAL visit to the art gallery

Dear Diary,

Today I visited the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) at South Bank in Brisbane. It’s always on Mrs Ridings list of to-dos when she visits Brisbane. It was unreal, or should I say surreal. Check out the photos below and you’ll see what I mean.

This amazing crystal encrusted reindeer was created by the Japanese artist Kohei Nawa. I could see myself reflected in the crystal balls.

This was called In bed and was created by Ron Mueck. I had a strange feeling I was on the island of Lilliput and had discovered a friend of Gullivers.

This alien looking structure was by Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno and was called Biosphere cluster. It was a bit surreal walking among the huge suspended bubbles that had Tillandsia (air plants) living inside them. They were connected by elasticised nylon ropes to more bubbles on the floor that were half full of water. If you touched any of the ropes it caused the whole structure to move. Pretty cool!

I had fun watching Mrs Riding getting creative with Lego. There was a really long table with lots of amazing building all created from 400,000 white Lego blocks. The artist behind this idea was Olafur Eliasson who called it The cubic structural evolution project.

More of the crazy art that we saw.

I even got to hitch a ride on some horses.

Outside the gallery in the garden overlooking the Brisbane river we came across the strangest thing, an elephant standing on his head. The World Turns, was by New Zealand artist Michael Parekowhai. When I looked closer there was a small native water rat not far away. Maybe that’s what scared the elephant and made his world turn upside down.

Mrs Riding said if you want to have some fun creating your own surreal art you should look for this book in our library. It was published by the Queensland Art Gallery and she bought it here on one of her many visits.

It’s been a fun day! Til next time, BD.

Blog dog – My first visit to hospital

Don’t worry! I’m okay! No cuts, bruises or broken bones here.


I went to Ipswich hospital with Mrs Riding to visit her son Anthony, AJ to his friends. He had a knee reconstruction yesterday and he was still in a lot of pain this morning. A cuddle from me though really cheered him up. The doctor said we can take him home later today. He’s really looking forward to sleeping in his own bed and to his mum’s cooking. He loves her lasagne and apple charlotte. Yum!


I will be hanging with Hercules too. Lucky for me he likes dogs. One of his best friends is a dog called Lady.

My weekend with Andrew


Dear Diary,

I am so excited to go to Andrew’s house. Before we got there we had a fun time at recess. First I met Andrew’s brother Dominic. He is really nice. We played handball and I played the iPad. His teacher was Mr Freeburn and I saw Leo was in his class. Leo hugged me again and people wouldn’t stop sneaking touches and pats of me when Andrew wasn’t looking. We had to do some singing for carols which is a Christmas thing for the school. We went home and read my favourite book, Pig the Pug. It is so awesome!  We read my diary and Andrew had a shower. When Andrew was in the shower I talked to his Teddys, Ginggy and Rudolph. Rudolph has a red nose and  Ginggy is a gingerbread man. After Andrew got out of the shower we had afternoon tea. I had water and Kristen, Andrew’s mum, makes him and his brothers a smoothie.

Dear Diary,

My new song,

Woof! Wooooof!

This is gonna be the best time of my life, my li-life,

Woof! Wooooof

This is gonna be the best time of my li-l-ife,

Woof! Woof! A Whoo!


Dear Diary,

We stopped a bit early because Andrew’s mum had to do dishes. His mum wasn’t ready for the carols yet and we weren’t allowed to read Andrew’s book yet. Once we arrived at the carols Andrew’s mum said I couldn’t play with him so I had to stay behind. As I said before Andrew’s mum’s name is Kristen and she didn’t do anything fun. When Andrew was singing I was on stage with him. We also got a photo with Santa Claus. I realised that Santa was actually Mr Carter. We had to go back to Andrew’s house after the photo. Andrew got into his pyjamas and I had to close my eyes because Andrew had I a surprise. I was excited because I love surprises. I’ve been excited ever since I got to meet Andrew. When I opened my eyes Andrew had made me a bed out of a washing basket, a pillow and my blanket.



Dear Diary,

Today we didn’ t do much because of his mum saying no. We mostly watched  a movie but we did a bit of reading and craft. The craft was for teachers Christmas presents. Boo Hoo! Porridge for dinner and breakfast.


Dear Diary,

I will miss Andrew very much over the holidays but I still had a great day yesterday. The main thing, and the best thing was reading. We read a lot. The book we read was Heroes of Olympus: the lost hero. We watched the first and second Santa Claus movies. Awesome! I wonder if anything can beat this?




My weekend with Ofa

Dear Diary,

Today I went home with Ofa. Her class is 2/3E. Ofa has six siblings. She’s got two baby brothers and they’re twins, she’s got four sisters. Back to what we were talking about. When she took me home we played babies with her two little brothers. After that we did finger knitting. I loved it. Then I watched Doc McMuffin with her little baby brother Curtis. We had dinner and then bed.


Dear Diary,

Today we woke up and for breakfast had scrambled eggs on toast. Yum! We got ready for our excursion to Taronga Park Zoo. Ofa is taking me. I’m so excited! We got to school, got on the bus and the teacher marked the roll.


We got to Taronga. Ofa tripped over on the bus but her friends helped her up. We had fruit break and then we saw birds, bats, possums, elephants, goats, chimpanzees, echidna, Tasmanian devil and a peacock. When we got back on the bus we watched Happy Feet, then we stopped for a break and had a run around. We played tips then got back on the bus and Ofa read me Pig the Pug, my favourite book then we were back at school. Ofa’s dad picked us up and we went home for dinner then we went to bed.


Dear Diary,

Today I woke up and we had breakfast, Vegemite on toast. After breakfast we read 78 Storey Treehouse. Then we practised Ofa’s choir songs, Dreamtime Christmas, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, Lanterns and Christmas Day with Ofa’s sister Elenoa. Ofa’s little brother said, “be quiet.” We played tea parties with two more toy dogs, their names are Nahla and Nahla. Then I went to bed. When I woke up we played apple on a stick and Miss Mop.


My weekend with James

img_8353Dear Diary,
This weekend I am with James. He is in class 1W. OK back to us. James said we are going to read a book. He gave me the choice of Superman: The Deadly Dream Machine, Superman: The little Green Men, Superman: The Deadly Double Sperman: Deep Space Hijack, Fantastic Mr Fox or ESIO TROT. I chose The Deadly Dream Machine. It was cool, there were 5 chapters. My fave is chapter 5. It’s called Solar Power. Then it was dinner time then we went to bed. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Goodnight.


Dear Diary,
Good morning. It’s Saturday and I only just woke up. I can’t wait for the fun today. I’m going to have a great day. James is going to the hairdressers to get a haircut and his sister Emily looked after me. We had lots of fun. When James got back he was wondering where I was and I was in the room with my friend Cadence. We were sitting right next to each other on my blanket. Cadence is having a sleepover in my bed. Then it was dinnertime. Then we went to bed. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Goodnight.


Dear Diary,
Good morning. It’s Sunday. Today I woke up next to Cadence. James woke up too early to play so we read Pig the Pug. It teaches you a lesson not to be greedy. It was still too early to play so we read another book. It was The Mighty Avengers. It was cool! Heroes Vs Villians. Heroes win because in this one it has five heroes and one villain. Then we had dinner and it was bedtime. I can’t wait until next Thursday because someone else gets me for the weekend.
Goodnight and bye.

My weekend with Jorja


Dear Diary,
Today I’m going home with Jorja and she’s been telling me so many things that we are going to do on the weekend and it sounds like so much fun, like her sisters birthday party where we get to sleep in swags. At recess I got to meet Jorja’s friends and then we went into class and we played musical statues.


After school we walked home and on the way we went to the shop and got slushies. When we went home we had some yogurt, then read my favourite book, ‘Pig the Pug,’ then it was time for a sleep. When I woke up I had a talk with Jorja’s pop. He asked me lots of questions.


Dear Diary,
I can’t wait to go to school with Jorja tomorrow. I just hope I don’t have to go to the bottom playground because I’m very special and Mrs Riding wouldn’t like it. I just want to eat some treats from the canteen. The only thing I want to eat is JELLY!


Dear Diary,
I forgot to tell you when I got to Jorja’s I met her panda called Pandy of course, and then I met her mum, dad and sister. They were really nice. Then a song came on the radio, ‘History’ I think, and her dad was busting out some moves. It was pretty funny! Then we had a group hug. It was snuggly and it felt awesome. Today has been a great day. I can’t wait for tomorrow.


Dear Diary,
Today is Jorja’s sister’s birthday. Jorja’s went swimming and I stayed home. Then Jorja’s sister’s friends came over and Jorja’s friend Nahla came for a sleepover too. During the night she wanted to go home because she missed her mum.


Dear Diary,
Today is Sunday and we went to Woolworths. We got a Boost and it was very tasty. Tomorrow I have to go back home to Mrs Riding. I had an awesome time with Jorja. It was super dooper fun! I wonder who will take me home this Thursday?