NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge

The 2017 Premier’s Reading Challenge will open on the 7th March 2017. It closes on the 19th August for students.

All students at Tenambit Public School are encouraged to participate in the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC).
K-2 students complete the challenge as a whole class, with their teacher selecting 30 PRC books to read to them.
3-6 students complete the challenge individually and have to read at least 20 books by the 20th of August.

Books in the library are labelled so that students can easily identify books that are included on the PRC booklist.  Look out for these labels!

Students who complete the challenge are awarded certificate of completion signed by the Premier on presentation day. On their fourth (not necessarily consecutive) year of completing the Challenge, students receive a Gold certificate, and on  their seventh year of completing the Challenge, a Platinum certificate is awarded.