Breanna’s book review


Seagull  Author: Danny Snell

Today 5/6Mc are reading a book and writing about it. I chose Seagull, written and illustrated by Danny Snell. This book is about a seagull that love to fly. But one day as she landed on the beach and gets tied up in fishing line. She tried to get it off but she couldn’t. Then she asked if the fish, pelican and crab cold help but they couldn’t help her. That night seagull sat on the sand. Then a little boy picked her up and helped her. Then the next morning came and she flew up into the sky.

Emily’s book review


Somewhere In Australia by Marcello Pennacchio

Today I read ‘Somewhere In Australia’ by Marcello Pennacchio and Danny Snell. I think that it is a great book because it has different Aussie animals like kangaroos, kookaburra’s, platypus’s, Tasmanian devils and lots more. The illustrator has put lot’s of colour in it and fantastic picture’s of thing’s like dingo’s and their babies howling in the sunlight, snake’s and their baby’s slithering around in the bush, and a mother thorny devil and her little babies basking around in the sun.

The blurb say’s ‘Somewhere in Australia, in a land of scorching sun, lived a mother kangaroo and her little joey one. ‘Hop’, said the mother. ‘I hop’, said the one, as they hopped over land scorched by the hot sun. Join the little joey and many more familiar animal’s in this glorious Australian counting book based on the classic rhyme ‘Over The Meadow’.

Don’t you think it’s just wonderful? Thank you for reading my book review and please keep coming onto Mrs Riding’s blog!!!!!!!!!!