In defence of “Once upon a time…”

With the focus on ‘sizzling starts’ and ‘banning the boring’ I feel the need to stand up for “Once upon a time…” Four words. I don’t need to say anything more, and yet you know at once what you’re about to hear. A fairy tale. Fantasy and make-believe, princes, princesses, magic kingdoms and happily ever afters. Where would we be without them? It was something I grew up with. Fairytales have a strong moral lesson, a fight between good & evil, love and loss. Fairy tales help to teach us right from wrong. I have fond memories of curling up in bed and disappearing into another world where paupers could become princesses, ugly ducklings could become beautiful swans, and the wicked witch or ugly stepmother never triumphed. I believe the Seven Steps program is wonderful but I think that there will always be a place for “Once upon a time…” What do you think?

2g big group books2g group James to Max 6

2G certainly look like they enjoyed their unit on fairytales. Do you have a favourite fairytale?


Can you guess the title of one my oldest books by reading the first page?