Lily’s book review


Lily And The Fairy House by Jane Tanner

Lily and the fairy house is my favourite book. I love this book. I was given this book as a gift for getting citizenship in year 1. The book is about a girl named Lily. No not me, another girl named Lily. Lily knows that fairies live near the gum tree. She has made a fairy house with a rose petal bed and a gum leaf table and today she is putting on a fairy party there is yummy cake and honey tea. The fairies love the party and ask to play with Lily. They have a great time together. The fairies even make Lily a fairy crown made out of flowers to thank her for the party. But just as Lily puts on her crown the fairies vanish. Where did they go? Lily hears birds chirping loudly. Lily follows the sound and comes across the fairies crying. Lily we need your help. Lily sees a tiny egg has fallen from a nest. She carefully picks it up and puts it back in the nest. The birds chirp around Lily happy to have their egg back. The fairies thank Lily for all her help. Lily has had a wonderful day. I wonder what will happen tomorrow down by the old gum tree.