Pig is back!



I spent time today searching for a few books that have been requested by our students, ‘train books’ for Liam, Mission 2 of Kitten Kaboodle¬†for Jasmine, more ‘Choose your own adventures’ for a number of stage 3 boys, skate and scooter books (having trouble here)… My search took me from Dymocks at Charlestown, to Harry Hartog at Kotara where I discovered the next instalment from the master Aaron Blabey, Pig the Winner.

I fell in love with Pig the first time I met him. He’s greedy, he’s selfish, he’s a fibber, and he hasn’t learnt his lesson. In this instalment our loveable pug will do whatever it takes to win. Lucky Trevor is there to help when things get a bit grim. I can’t wait to share this with you.