Friday Flashback!

“I can feel all eyes looking at me. The pressure is on. It all comes down to this.”

My body tenses as the opposition races towards me. The ball is passed. The shooter steadies, focuses. For a brief second our eyes  meet. I stretch, extending my arms til I think they will break. I must block this shot.  She releases the ball and…

“The ball goes up and… and…. IT GOES IN! The crowd stands up and gives a massive applaud that almost knocks me over.”


Thank you Madi for your wonderful post yesterday. It left me feeling very nostalgic. It had a sizzling start that put me right in the action. You built the tension with your short, sharp sentences and dynamic dialogue reminding me of exactly how I felt about 40 something(not giving away the exact number) years ago. I too played netball when I was at Wyong High school and I absolutely loved it. Good writing produces an emotional response in the reader and you have done this. Well done!


Please check out the Tenambit student blogs and leave a comment or two or three… They are doing a great job!


Where the Magic Happens!


‘Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens’. That’s the quote I chose for the Homepage of our brand new blog at Tenambit Public School. It’s the message I gave to my enthusiastic group of bloggers as they embarked on this exciting new journey.

I remembered back to the beginning of 2015 when I too was undertaking the same journey when beginning this blog. It was all very new and more than a bit scary. But I know that to learn and grow we need to continually challenge ourselves. We should not be afraid to try new things and understand that we have to fail sometimes in order to learn.  If we always settle for safe and comfortable, we are never going to know what we are truly capable of.

I hope that you visit our new blog regularly and share the learning and experiences of our newest bloggers at Tenambit Public School.

The learning begins when you step outside your comfort zone! That’s where the magic happens.