Introducing Blog Dog

Hi there. My name is Bob. BD to my friends.  I live with Mrs Riding and I spend a lot of time watching her blog and read. Mostly it’s a lot of fun. When she’s not on the computer blogging we spend a lot of time snuggled up somewhere comfy and we read, we get out in the garden and we read, and sometimes we even go to the beach and… you guessed it, we read. Lately though, I’ve been longing for a bit of adventure. I’d love to meet some new friends and see a bit more of the world, so I was thinking… why not ask the kids at Tenambit to take me home on the weekend. I’m sure Mrs Riding could do without me for that long. Maybe you could take me to the movies, dance practice, karate or soccer? I could jump on your trampoline, you could take me to the park, and it would great to have someone else read me a story.

What do you think? Would you like to take me home? There’s just one catch. Mrs Riding will want a full report. You’ll have to tell her what I’ve been up to by writing in my diary. A photo of us together would be great too. Wait! Maybe I could start my own blog. You could call me Blog Dog. I like the sound of that. Bob, the Blog Dog.

A typical weekend looks like this…




Post a comment below if you’d like to take me home. dog-paw-print-clip-art-free-download-mkcn7m9tq

Mrs Brathwaite’s book review


The 27th Annual African Hippopotamus Race by Morris Lurie

This fabulous story was one of my all time books from when I was in Primary School.

It is a story about a shy, kind and caring Hippo named Edward and his determination to enter and win The 27th Annual African Hippopotamus Race held in the magnificent Zamboola River. A river filled with dangers, waterfalls and treacherous water. Edward comes up against a very naughty and sly Sebastian who is his BIG competition and Sebastian causes many problems for Edward leading up to and during the actual race.

This is a story about challenging yourself, doing your personal best and most importantly making positive choices.
I would recommend this book to children aged from 8 years and on. It is a feel good story, easy to read and has many exciting chapters which make it difficult to put the book down.

If you have read this book or when you do choose to read it come and let me know.
Happy reading!

Mr Manning’s magical…


 Mr Manning’s magical book review

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter is a story about a young boy that grows up as an orphan. As time passed he realised he could make some odd things happen. As it turns out he is a wizard. Harry attends a school for witches and wizards called Hogwarts. Here he learns how to use and control magic, concoct and brew potions, look after magical creatures and even fly a broomstick. Along the way he makes some lifelong friends and enemies including the most evil and dark wizard in the world.

The book sucks you in with its way of making magic come to life. It has moments of danger, action, suspense, laughter and tears as the characters battle their way through their first year at Hogwarts and struggle to save the Philosophers Stone.

Inside the book there are ghosts, three headed dogs, dragons and giants for you to discover and learn about and that is not even mentioning wizards chess or invisibility cloaks.

I recommend this book to everyone to read as it is only the start of a 7 book long journey. The book can be found in the library for you all to borrow.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask a question at school or below in the comments 🙂


Shelfies not Selfies 3

Can you match the following students to their bookshelf?

MacDonald, BeauParish, JasmineBaker, BlairLongworth, JazabelHolmes, Hannah

A few clues to help solve the mystery.

Beau          –        Prehistoric

Jasmine   –         Click, click

Blair         –         DVD2

Jazabel    –         Ban TV

Hannah   –         Get Reading

imageimageimage image

Shelfies not Selfies 2

Can you match the following students to their bookshelf?

McDonnell, ChloeHolmes, HeathMacDonald, MatildaIuliano, AishnnPunch, Miles

This might be very difficult without a few clues.

Chloe       –     Dancing on the ceiling

Heath       –    Hippity hop

Matilda    –    Fairy tale

Aishnn     –    Tribal

Miles        –    Locked box


Shelfies not Selfies

Do you have a collection of books at home?

I believe our bookshelves are a reflection of who we are. A mirror to our sometimes secret, sometimes not so secret, selves. There you will find new friends, clever companions and often old acquaintances that we could never bear to part with.

How well do you know your teachers? Do you know what their interests are? What do you think would be on their bookshelves?

Gaffney, BrianbecDuncan, Katriname

Can you match the bookshelves below to some of your teachers?

1. Katrinas shelf 2. image

3. bs 1 4.bec

How did you go? Did you guess correctly?

What’s on your bookshelf? Send in a picture of your shelf and I’ll create a quiz to see how well your teachers and fellow students know you.

Send to: