Let the celebrations begin!

Book Week celebrations began last Friday with the announcement of the Book of the Year award winners. Each year I wait anxiously for midday to tick over so that I can log onto the CBCA website to check out the winners. I can only imagine what a thrill the announcement must be for the authors and illustrators involved.

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Students at Tenambit School have also been busy writing stories and illustrating posters and book covers for our annual book week competitions. Over the past few days I have read a selection of stories from Stage 2. Wow! The diversity and creativity demonstrated by our super students has left me speechless. I can’t wait to share them with you after the winners have been announced at the conclusion of our book parade on Thursday. Watch this space!


One thought on “Let the celebrations begin!

  1. Hi I can’t wait till tomorrow because it is the book parade and who is your favourite book character? Mine is Alice from Alice and wonderland.

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