Jasmine’s Book Review


The 39 Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffith And Terry Denton

I LOVE THIS BOOK! And I recommend it to EVERYONE IN THE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!

In this book Terry builds a new 39th storey on the treehouse and its called a ‘once upon a time machine’ which writes books for them. The two friends go out but when they come back to the treehouse they find themselves locked out by the ‘once upon a time machine’. It has stretchy hands with eyes on the palms which come out and slaps them away.

The complication gets MUCH WORSE… Read it and you’ll see!

Thanks so much Mrs Riding for putting this book in your hallish library! I hope that very soon you get the actual library up and running again! Hopefully when the new book comes out you will have it STRAIGHT in the library!!!!!!

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